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We Believe in Great Technology to Grow Your NGO’s

We’re a Delhi-based digital agency specializing in nonprofits to help in conversion rate optimization, whether nonprofit or a small business; we’ll help you improve what matters most: leads, conversions (donations, sales, etc.), and ROI.

Every organization has its own set of technology platforms to achieve its mission. We take a holistic view of NGOs entire technology and actively work to configure features, integrate platforms, and migrate to new solutions when it’s in the best interest of your organization and supporters.

We believe in user-centred technology:

To make technical products and systems user-friendly, it is essential to understand their users: What makes them tick? Which specific and individual needs do they have? What is their workflow? Only after answering these questions constructively, it will be possible to develop and design high-quality products and systems in a user-friendly way.

  • We Identify who the primary users of the nonprofits are, why they will use them, what are their requirements and under what environment they will use them.
  • Once the context is specified, it is time to identify the granular requirements of your nonprofits. This is an important phase that can further facilitate the designers to create storyboards and set meaningful goals to make the product successful.
  • Based on product goals and requirements, start an iterative design and development process.
  • Product designers do usability testing to get users’ feedback and evaluate the requirements.


The first step is to clearly understand the requirement of the customer expectations of the project.


We analyze the target audience, conduct competitive analysis, and come up with intuitive ideas for our clients.


Once the design is completed, customer reviews include colour schemes, branding, items, and UI UX elements.



We begin only after our customers are satisfied with our design, and we will share the link to the ongoing project, and the work will be completed on time by the clients.



Once the project is complete, it will be subjected to user testing and diagnosis. Subtle design improvisation and tweaks are made in discussion with the clients.



Once tested, we execute the project live and compile the project for our client.

Content Management System (CMS)

We Provide the content management system because you would like a reliable and intuitive content management system (CMS). A comprehensive CMS includes customizable layout design, blogging tools, computer program optimization tools, add-on modules, and marketing software. The proper system helps your team design, implement, and maintain an internet presence that pulls the audience you’re searching for.

Web Development

Whether your nonprofit is creating a wholly new website or redesigning your current one, the primary step you’ll want to require before you commence the net development process is to see your needs for the web site. With input from the opposite members of your nonprofit team, decide which features are going to be necessary to assist you achieve your goals.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, also referred to as cloud services or tools, is a part of the next phase of digital transformation. It allows your organization to access a variety of IT services across the internet that include software, storage, network services, and databases.

Database Management

Nonprofits thrive by establishing strong relationships with their supporters, devising innovative ways to engage with the public, and encouraging donations. A comprehensive nonprofit data-management strategy contributes to the success of all three endeavors: it lets the nonprofit maintain close ties with contributors by personalizing interactions, it opens new avenues for reaching out to members of the community, and it supports marketing efforts intended to boost contributions and other forms of support.

Office 365

Nonprofits and other NGOs have to be able to coordinate with employees, partners, and volunteers from all around the globe at a moment’s notice. To help these companies follow through on their mission, Microsoft makes its Office 365 productivity suite considerably more affordable to qualified nonprofits.


From prototype to the full-scale platform, we provide you with a dedicated, full-scale web development team that is specific to your business goals and technical needs.

Fundraising Tools

Online fundraising is an essential part of every nonprofit’s overall fundraising strategy, and the all applications that follow are some of the best online fundraising tools we’ve found to help your organization boost its revenue.

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